Helpful Real Estate
Photography Tips

If you are wanting to sell or lease a property, one of your most important assets will be good quality photos.   It is recommended that you employ the services of a professional photographer.  Having said this, not everyone has the budget for professional photography.

So below are some great tips to help you get some great photos that will help sell or lease your property.

Take Practice Photos  – Even professionals don’t rely on getting it right with the first shot.  Test different angles.  Take lots of photos (it’s easy to delete bad ones).  Take photos of each room from every possible angle.

Get Photos in Natural Light – Natural light enhances most rooms and most images.  Space and natural light are two qualities that home buyers are always looking for.

Use a Tripod – There is nothing worse than blurry images that were taken with a shaky hand.  Also a tripod allows you to shoot with a lower shutter speed to bring more light into the image.

Houses with Furniture Look More Inviting – without furniture it is just floors, walls and ceilings with no sense of scale.   Furniture helps show how large the space is and how it can be used.  Move the furniture to capture more space

Don’t Overdecorate – You want the photos to be about the space, not the decorations.

Use Landscape Not Portrait Orientation – Our eyes and brain view horizontal/landscape imagery easier than vertical/portrait.

Prepare and Plan Every Room – Make a plan for each room to emphasize the best features in each Room.  See our detailed report “Preparing your house – Room by Room for Photography”.

Use Some Colour – Neutral color palettes are recommended for home presentation, although for photography of your home, use a bright pillow or artwork to make the photos come to life.

Take Outside Photos at Dusk – Dusk brings out the best in the exterior of most homes.  It provides a warmth that the middle of the day can’t.  Also wet any concrete and lawn and turn on some nice glowing lights.

Use a Drones – Drone footage can make a dramatic impression and does not have to cost a lot.  Find a student who may be able to help.  Make sure you abide by any regulations.

Use Only the Best Photos – Take time to go through each photo to pick out the very best of each room.  

Use the Best Hero Photo You Can – You need that one photo that is used as the first photo that really stands out.  It is your best chance in sparking that connection with a buyer.

Use a Virtual Staging Service – If you can only get shots of empty room, you can use virtual staging.  There are a number of companies that can do this for you and it is very affordable.

Use Video or a 3D Virtual Tour – Good images are great, but video or even 3D tour takes it to a whole new level.  Many people are now starting to expect this.  Please see our separate detailed article on this.

Think Like a Buyer/Renter – Probably the most important tip.  Buyers or renters want to see themselves living in the home.  Think about the demographic and try to appeal to that demographic.

Photography can make or break a listing.  Your effort will be rewarded.