Simple Street Appeal Tricks
To Attract Buyers

Street appeal is a major influencer in attracting potential buyers. Does your exterior street view entice people to take a better look, or does it turn potential buyers off?

Your Front Lawn and Garden
Your front lawn is one of the first things buyers notice, yet it is one of the easiest and cheapest things to tend to. Take the time to keep it pristine.

Is it lush and green and well cared for? Use some fertiliser and water. Make sure you have it always perfectly mowed, you never know when a prospective buyer might drive past.  Also:

  • Trim any over grown hedges and plants
  • Remove dead plants
  • Add some nice lush looking plants
  • Give it all a general cleanup and keep it pristine

Your Driveway and Front Walkway
Don’t overlook your driveway and front walkway. These areas are like the red carpet of street appeal, they entice people in to your home.

A driveway and front walk with cracks and weeds popping up through the joints does nothing for your street appeal

it’s an easy fix – Remove the weeds, and patch the concrete with caulk. Also power-wash it (you will be amazed how clean it can come up). You can also finish concrete with a clear, glossy sealer. A wet driveway looks much nicer in photos.

Night Time Appeal
Prospective buyers might be driving by after dark see what your house looks like at night. Turn on the charm with a warm glow from exterior lighting.

All exterior lighting on the house and garage should match or have the same style for continuity, if possible.  Make sure that all exterior lights, including the ones on the garage have the same type of bulb for a unified glow

Don’t Forget the Garage
The garage is a key component in curb appeal, too, especially if it’s attached to the house.

It is a good idea to paint the garage door the same colour as the trim on the house. Garage doors with a row of windows are also pleasing to the eye.

At the least make sure it is nice and clean.

Give your front door a face-lift
Would an old front door with peeling paint, rusty hardware, and scuff marks entice a buyer to go inside?  If you’re going to spend money on one thing to add street appeal, make it a new front door.

If you don’t have the budget for a new front door, at least give it a paint with a nice fresh inviting colour.

Make your home feel like a home that’s been loved and cared for and thought about.  Make it feel like A “Home”.